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Monday, March 24, 2014

Subscription Instructions

I've been sending out a several-times-weekly newsletter for a few weeks now, and it's about time I put together a proper post that only covers the topic of how to subscribe. The short summary is that (for now), I am offering three payment options: $5 for two days (at least one issue), $10 for a week (at least three issues, but really however many I write in seven days), and $30 for the month of emails.

Since some people are still having difficulty finding my email address apparently, I'm going to just see how Google's spam filtering deals with this: email me if you have questions (and please include the subject "Subscriptions"). I'll even make you a deal: start at either the one day or one week subscription, and if you decide you want the full month I'll count your initial donation towards the $30 -- so $25 to go from two days to the full month, or $20 to go from one week to the full month.

Of course, being a cryptocurrency newsletter it wouldn't make sense to pay me with fiat money. You can do the math to determine roughly how much $5/$10/$30 is, or go with the rates I list below for the following currencies (which I will update periodically as needed [last updated 7/01/2014]):

BTC: 153qS9Ze32hnV3fwirZLWNka4wBAowc21E (0.008/0.016/0.047 BTC)
BC: BSeFTYYKKa3kPLS359C2QqdJnpCUCPrSBu (40/70/210 BC)
CAIx: XhdRzmju2vQuR5RT73R7sbN42xaohdBcWa (30/60/190 CAIx)
DOGE: DD9iTWf8diPkvKdB8roPJepTyp6BGVQtct (20000/40000/120000 DOGE)
DRK: Xd3EaCJg6G8ZnGuKkpvwyRMwyHzbaRDnob (0.56/1.11/3.34 DRK)
LTC: LfCLyykrNFftzpdWejR73hf478ZtBzQ9jE (0.56/1.12/3.36 LTC)
VTC: VaNuRCj73JVAwR1YMnt8CXaqoiPgykiMTk (20/30/100 VTC)
XMR: 48JM22E3ZfPSoFCukcizpSR2hCsBnAExT4ACvrpYx5czFgEyR12LWwK9JpgYRZKjsRHp8ynDcQegbhCspvjHd7gaL8qbzYy (2/4/12 XMR)

As an added bonus, active subscribers now have access to a Google Spreadsheet that has pseudo-real-time data (usually less than two hours old) for the various coins I track -- and if you want any specific coin added to the list, just let me know and I'll be happy to accommodate!

Updated Information:

I've decided to offer a sample of the newsletter for anyone that's interested, one time, for free. Send me an email and I'll send out one of the subscriber emails of the past week. Note that this is different from the $5 subscription trial, in that I won't be sending you the absolute latest information from my newsletter, but it will be a complete email sample, including (potentially outdated) charts.

On a similar note, if you're not really interested in subscribing but would like me to update the site more frequently, what would really help is for you to use either my Amazon Affiliate links, or try one of the following programs for free (and cancel if you don't like it):

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