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Saturday, September 13, 2014

GAW Miners / ZenMiner Drops NiceHash, Adds LTC Pool

Coming up next in my list of updates for GAW Miners and following on the news of the new Hashlet Exchange, GAW has decided to drop NiceHash from their list of supported pools. I'm not sure of the exact reasons behind the change (variability in payouts and not having enough work available are the two most likely reasons), but NiceHash was my choice of pool for my ZeusMiner Lightning X6 ASICs that I bought a bit over a month ago, and next to the Zen Pool it has been the highest average pay rate as far as I can tell.

With the removal of NiceHash, GAW has chosen to convert Nice Hashlets over to Zen Hashlets for free -- which means a higher payout rate and the Zen Hashlet is normally $2 more than the Nice Hashlet, so it's a double bonus. Well, the goodness didn't end there apparently, as my X6 Lightning ASICs are also now on Zen Pool. I can change them to other pools if I want, but I'm not sure I can change them back so I'm leaving them on ZenPool. (It's paying about 50% more than NiceHash most of the time, which is...nice.)

Besides the removal of the NiceHash pool, GAW also added a new pool: LTC Pool. I'm not sure which pool this is supposed to be, but the pay rate oddly enough is the same as for mining on ZenPool. What confuses me here is that it's simple to calculate the pay rate for mining LTC, and it's nowhere near 0.0006 BTC as far as I can tell. Maybe there are some merge-mining coin out there and combined with LTC the rate can get up to 0.00063 BTC, or maybe LTC Pool isn't actually mining LTC.

Either way, I'm quite happy to now have an extra 84 MH of "free" mining on ZenPool instead of NiceHash. So far the GAW Miners experiment has been a real success from my end, and what I'm learning is that the more that time passes, the happier I am to have bought in sooner rather than later. I keep expecting a big change to come where I think, "Dang -- if only I had waited!" But it hasn't happened yet, and -- knock on wood -- hopefully it never does. Combined with the ability to sell Hashlets for 80% of their current price, things are looking pretty good.

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