Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The most profitable graphics card for mining

If you've been thinking about getting into cryptocurrency mining using GPUs, you're probably wondering what graphics card has the best rate of return. For a long time, AMD GPUs have been the go-to choice, but over the past year a lot has changed ... and right now, AMD GPUs are almost completely sold out! So I've run a bunch of calculations looking at the various mining options, including NiceHash, as well as directly mining alt-coins and trying to trade.

Let me just state once more that chasing the alt-coin-of-the-day can be a full-time job, so if you're not interested in constantly monitoring the cryptocurrency market, just save yourself the headache and lease your hashing power on NiceHash. Of course doing it that way means you miss out on stuff like the Ethereum bubble -- who could have predicted the jump from $10 to nearly $400 during the past six months!? -- but it also means you don't get stuck with a bunch of worthless cryptocoins that aren't worth the processing power it took to generate them.

For this summary, I'm going to assume you want to build a complete mining rig, targeting the best return. That means skimping on the CPU but getting a good motherboard and power supply, and then using as many GPUs as you can reasonably run off of the power supply. For most GPUs, that means you can do six cards off a single rig, but if you have a 250W GPU like the GTX 1080 Ti, you'll need to limit yourself to four cards per rig, or use multiple (smaller) PSUs. Here then are the rate or returns (going by the past week's average payout) for the various GPUs:

Pentium G4560: $87
MSI Z270 SLI Plus motherboard: $136
8GB DDR4-2400 memory: $84
240GB SSD: $84
2x 750W 80 Plus Platinum PSU: $280
6x PCIe Risers: $49
TOTAL: $720

If you look back at some of my recent posts from a month or so ago, you'll notice that for effectively the same basic build, prices have increased by about 10-15 percent on several of the parts. The reason is simple enough: cryptocurrency fever! (I may or may not have contributed to the phenomenon. *cough, cough*) So to hit the break-even point, you need to earn $720 in addition to the cost of the rest of your graphics cards.

Let's talk graphics cards, then. I'll just put all the usual suspects in order, here, going with the assumption of six GPUs for the mining rig. Note that the 2x750W PSU configuration is only really required if you want to run six 250W GPUs (like GTX 1080 Ti or R9 390X or similar). The following is only an estimate, and actually income will vary, but it's a good baseline for the time being. If you want to be pessimistic, double or triple the ROI time.
GPUPrice (6x)NiceHashBest Alt-CoinROI
GTX 1080 Ti$4440$19.08$20.99246-270 days
GTX 1080$3168$16.74$18.41211-232 days
GTX 1070$2694$13.32$14.65233-256 days
GTX 1060 6GB$1710$8.88$9.77249-274 days
GTX 1060 3GB$1380$7.99$8.79239-263 days
GTX 980 Ti$2280$13.86$15.25197-216 days
GTX 970$1080$8.76$9.64187-205 days
RX Vega 64$4200$17.68$19.44253-278 days
RX Vega 56$3000$17.00$18.70199-219 days
RX 580 8GB$2562$10.32$11.35289-318 days
RX 570 4GB$1968$9.30$10.23263-289 days
R9 Fury X$3000$14.78$16.26229-252 days
R9 390$2100$11.52$12.68222-245 days
R9 380$1320$6.84$7.84260-298 days

And the winner is... well, forget about the old cards that you have to buy on eBay -- they might be flaky from already mining for a couple of years, and inventory is low. So looking at the current cards, your best bet is now Nvidia's GTX 1080 card. And all those AMD miners should probably branch out a bit rather than just buying tons of RX 570/580 cards, especially at these inflated prices! (Note: if you could actually buy RX 570 for under $200, it would be an amazing card for mining -- which is why it's all out of stock.)


  1. So on a board such as the 13 slot H110 BTC what the best mix for power and reliability for the ultimate rig when power becomes a consideration just to run all the cards. What about which cards under-volt and those that have issues with stability?

    1. The above numbers are way out of date, but in general, if power becomes a limiting factor (meaning you're running dozens or even hundreds of GPUs), the best cards are usually the GTX 1070, maybe GTX 1060. Any faster than that, and the increase in performance is less than the increase in power requirements. With voltage mods and tuning, RX 570 also does fairly well.

  2. Jarred you have a great blog! I read it a lot back in the day! Are you out of the mining fever now? Still on the crypto scene? It will be great if you can update this post with the current gpu situation and the last spikes on crypto prices over the last months!