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Friday, December 13, 2013

LTC4You: Fun with uLTC

I'll keep this short, but a few days ago a family member (cousin) posted on Facebook about LTC. I thought, "What the heck -- she doesn't know about computers, what's she posting about LTC for?" Turns out it was for the site, which gives away free LTC, plus a 50% bonus on all games played by people you refer. I have a blog and it gets a decent amount of traffic (around 5K views per day at present), so I thought, "What the heck, let's give it a shot!"

I registered early on December 11, so two days later I have played 13 games. Every time so far I have only received the 40 uLTC reward, so for my clicking and typing captchas that works out to a whopping 520 uLTC. Thanks to referral bonuses, however, I'm totally rolling in the uLTC: my current balance is 4410 uLTC, meaning almost 10X as much from my referrals.

Here's the problem: uLTC is essentially worthless. 4410 uLTC sounds like a big number, but the "u" is for micro, or one millionth of a Litecoin. After two days, the total earnings I have received from my games and the 35 referrals is valued at $0.13. So one penny for typing a captcha is my current rate (with referrals), and you can only do at most 24 per day.

Put another way, I type reasonably fast at around 65 WPM. Even with zero delay between games, accounting for refresh time plus the time to actually play the game, at best you might be able to play 10 times in a minute (being generous), and you'd be stuck staring at the screen all day. That would be 14,400 games per day, most winning 40 uLTC, for a grand total of 0.576 LTC in a day. I don't know about you, but as a best-cast scenario I don't think $15 per day is worth the effort, and realistically you're more likely to get about $0.05 per day.

You've been warned. Now all of you go play off my referral link so I can earn another $0.10 for this awesome post! </sarcasm>


  1. Almost one week later, and my balance has now SKYROCKETED to over 20,000 uLTC. I've played the game 25 times, so most of that has come from referrals -- thanks for playing! My total income even at $20 per LTC (which is higher than the current price) would be $0.40. Woohoo.

  2. Don't quite understand the business model behind this site, how are they making money?

    1. Hoping for LTC donations? Actually, if you don't have AdBlock running, they have an advertisement right at the top that might make you think it's the game you're supposed to play. Thousands of users (tens of thousands) and you can make some decent money.