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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hashlet Prime Price Drop and Updates, Plus Vaultbreaker News

Hashlet Prime has been an odd duck in my book -- or put another way, Hashlets in general have had a bit of a complicated history. When GAW Miners first announced their Hashlets, the price was $14.95 per MH. They sold so quickly that the price was updated, and then updated again, and then the original Hashlet was converted into Hashlet Prime and the price was changed to $39.95, while a bunch of alternative Solo Hashlets were also created with prices ranging from $15.95 to $21.95. Then Hashlet Prime had its price increased to $49.95, which was really odd considering it was basically the same level of profitability as a Zen Hashlet (maybe a bit higher) at over twice the price.

Well, either Hashlet Prime has stopped selling and GAW Miners recognizes the need to adjust pricing, or they're just being really nice, because Hashlet Prime is getting a price cut to $25 (perhaps $24.95?), currently scheduled to take place on September 24. What's more, anyone who paid more than that for a Hashlet Prime will be compensated with the difference.

That's not the only change coming: Hashlet Prime will finally get the ability to mine SHA256 instead of Scrypt, and it will do so at 40 GH/s. That means the maintenance fee will likely still be $0.08 per Hashlet Prime, but 40 GH/s of SHA256 is going to be pretty close to 1 MH/s of Scrypt in terms of income per day, and it at least opens up another option. Oh, and you know that price cut on Hashlet Genesis that ended up not happening? Obviously it's going to take place at some point, as $24.95 for 40 GH/s with a Hashlet Prime would be a far better deal than $39.80 for 40 GH/s of Hashlet Genesis -- in fact, the $7.95 price is also too high, and I'd expect it to be no more than $6.00 or there's really no point in buying Haslet Genesis when you can buy Primes at $24.95 and get the equivalent of four Genesis.

Along with the above news, GAW Miners also announced that all pre-orders of Vaultbreaker Batch 2 will receive Hashlet Primes at a 1:1 ratio. The interesting aspect is that Vaultbreaker Batch 2 was $6995 for 750 MH/s, and instead you're going to get 750 MH/s of Primes, which would otherwise cost $18712.50 at the new $24.95 per MH price. Of course, I suspect you'll also be paying the $0.08 per MH maintenance fee, which works out to $60 per day. Even if Vaultbreaker uses 2000W (it's supposed to use 1000-1500W), the actual power cost of running the Vaultbreaker would be $4.80 per day. Heck, Vaultbreaker could use 10000W and you'd still only pay $24 per day (at $0.10 per kWh).

Zen Pool is still paying way more than you'd get by mining any other Scrypt coin/pool, but at the current rate of roughly 0.0006 per MH 750 Hashlet Primes would get you 0.45 BTC per day while 750 MH/s on some other Scrypt coin could net you nearly the same rate with 10% of the daily maintenance cost.

If I had a choice, I'd have to say right now I'd much rather have an actual Vaultbreaker rather than getting a bunch of Hashlet Primes, but at the same time if it's a question of waiting a few months for a Vaultbreaker vs. getting the Hashlet Primes right now, it's a no brainer. The ROI time for $7000 at 750 MH/s is less than two months at the current price of Bitcoin, which of course I expect to go up way above $412 (hopefully sooner than later).

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