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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Specifications (Tentative)

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 hasn't been officially announced as yet, and while it's possible it will simply be the same specs as the "unlaunched" RTX 4080 12GB — there can be only one RTX 4080! — I feel it's more likely Nvidia will make a few minor changes to the core specs. Otherwise it would be clear evidence that the $899 original launch price for the 4080 12GB was a joke and a big money grab attempt by Nvidia. We'll be adding the RTX 4070 to our GPU performance hierarchy once it arrives.

It's not just about selling 40-series cards for more money, of course. The real problem Nvidia and its partners are facing right now is that there's an excess of unsold RTX 30-series cards. Many of those are in the RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 families, and Nvidia would still like for those to sell at prices in the $700–$1,000 range. If It launches an RTX 4070 like the one listed below for $600, it would absolutely destroy the sales potential for previous generation cards.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Specifications
Process TechnologyTSMC 4N
Transistors (Billion)35.8
Die size (mm^2)294.5
Streaming Multiprocessors54
GPU Cores (Shaders)6912
Tensor Cores216
RT Cores54
Boost Clock (MHz)2610
VRAM Speed (Gbps)21
VRAM Bus Width192
L2 Cache48
Render Outputs80
Texture Mapping Units216
FP32 TFLOPS (Single-Precision)36.1
FP16 TFLOPS with Sparsity (FP8)289 (577)
Bandwidth (GB/s)504
Total Board Power (Watts)260
Launch DateJanuary 2023?
Launch Price$599?

The simple solution is to not launch a $600 RTX 4070 until most of the RTX 3080/3090 inventory has been sold. It's the holiday shopping spree season now, and obviously Nvidia thinks it can get away with this tactic. Delaying the RTX 4070 a couple of months — and building up a larger inventory of such GPUs in the meanwhile — won't really hurt, especially if Nvidia can successfully clear out all of those Ampere GPUs.

And it probably can! Technologically savvy people who read this blog might not be duped into buying an overpriced RTX 30-series card at this point in time, but there are tons of less knowledgeable gamers that just want a new high-end PC or graphics card for Christmas, Hanukah, or whatever. And if Nvidia and its partners can't sell all of those Ampere GPUs directly to gamers, rest assured there are large OEMs like Dell (Alienware), HP (Omen), Lenovo (Legion), etc. who will buy loads of cards at a discount and foist them off on the type of people who can't be bothered to build their own PCs.

Looking at the potential RTX 4070 specifications, it could very well end up with the same amount of VRAM and theoretical compute performance as the previous generation RTX 3080 Ti. Of course it has just a bit more than half the memory bandwidth, but the 48MB of L2 cache should make up for that. You also get all the Ada Lovelace architectural upgrade, like support for DLSS3.

While we wait the arrival of the RTX 4070, anyone who wants more performance and are willing to pay for it can step up to the RTX 4080 or RTX 4090, Just the way Lord Jensen would like it.

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